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Tom Grennan at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire.


Written by Holly Fournier, 1st Year English Language and Literature 

On the 20th of March, singer-songwriter Tom Grennan gave an incredible performance at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire (London) which I was delighted to be able to attend.


I have known Tom Grennan to be up and coming for a while, recognising his name and authentic voice from drum and bass band, Chase and Status’ nationwide hit ‘All Goes Wrong’. This song made it into his set at the Shephard’s Bush gig, although as an acoustic version which I hadn’t heard before. Nevertheless, the version that Tom chose to perform was beautiful and ideal for the solo nature of the gig. Tom also performed many of his originals throughout the evening, the majority of which feature in his album ‘Lighting Matches’ which is due to be released in July this year.


‘Found What I’ve Been Looking For’, reaching number one on Spotify last year and making it into the FIFA 18 soundtrack, was the song which brought the audience to life. This was closely followed by ‘Something in the Water’ which was a momentous and atmospheric moment for the crowd as they shone the flashlights from their phones, adding to the intimacy of the night.


For me, ‘Sober’ was the best song performed. There was something about hearing the song live that was unmatched with hearing it on the radio. The degree of passion and effort committed to his performances throughout the night demonstrated the fulfilment that the sold-out crowd brought for him. Additionally, Tom used transitions between songs to emphasise his ambitions for his music career: most notably his focus on continuing to perform to large audiences. He even stated himself that he was amazed at how far he had come in recent years, progressing from playing in pubs to audiences of less than 200 people, to now 2000 people at venues like this one.


My friend who attended the concert with me commented: “he was very enthusiastic which worked well with the crowd and created a lively atmosphere”. The opportunity to meet Tom at the end of the performance was also exciting for us, and some fans were thrilled to get a photograph with him. In person, he was genuinely very friendly and it was clear that he was pleased with the reaction that he had received from his audience.











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