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Photo Credit: Will Cole

Refreshing, dark and mysterious. An interview with the Black Bullets at Oxjam.

Hello, I’m Holly from The Spark Newspaper, thanks for speaking to us. How is Reading treating you so far?
“Its good, It’s been really good. We’ve only been here around 3 hours and it’s been good. That was a good set, we enjoyed that.”

How does this compare to the other venues you’ve played at?
“This is a different set up in here, it’s very echoy. I quite like it, it’s spacious and visually good with the rise of the drums on the stage. The sound is a little out there.”

Do you prefer smaller crowds as such or larger crowds?
“It depends, we like both. If it’s a smaller crowd, we will play punkier stuff to engage with the crowd more but we’ve also got bigger rock songs that translate well into a larger atmosphere. It depends where we are playing, you have to gage it on the night. We don’t really have a set list as such.”

Where has been your favourite place that you have played, big crowd wise?
“This year was brilliant, we got invited to play the Bulldog Bash which is a Hell Angel festival. It’s massive, the biggest stage I have ever played on. If you’ve never encountered Hells Angels hospitality, you need to. They are top top top people. Never seen anything like it. Very tribal. They look after you so well.”

What’s been the highlight of your 2016 so far?
“Well the Bulldog Bash was a really good one. We’ve played all the time, it’s almost been a year-long tour for us. Just this week we have played in London, Reading, Oxford. We play with bands that we grew up listening to and now we’ve met them and played with them we count them as our friends. People that I had posters on my wall of now I can count as my friends. It’s pretty mind blowing and pretty fast for us, I love it”

If you could work with anyone, who would it be?
“Wow, that’s a question. I don’t know because what I have learnt so far is when you meet your idol it very rarely lives up to the expectation. My true idol I like to keep to myself, I hope I actually never meet them. I don’t want to destroy that myth. You put these people up on a pedal stool and they’re only human after all.”

Who would you say influences your music the most?
“Well within the band we have rock, punk, hip hop, country and metal influences. I guess a good song is a good song no matter what the method of delivery is. A lot of our songs we play acoustic for example, they translate. I couldn’t pin it on any one thing it’s a mixture of stuff over the last 20 years.”

What can we expect from you guys within the next year?
“We were planning on recording an album, we have an albums worth of material but the last couple of weeks we’ve been giving some serious thought to not doing an album. I’m not sure anyone actually buys albums anymore? I’m not sure about that, I think we are going to do something with that new material but I don’t see it being packed as an album. I’m not digging that idea but certainly new videos and new material.”

How do you plan on delivering your new music if you’re not doing an album?
“I like the idea of singles. I think if people are going to discover new bands and new music you’ll discover them by the song and not the album. That’s where I am at, at the moment. How we get those singles out is still to be decided at the moment. I’m a fan of the 60s approach. Albums only came about because the fans put them together. I love that idea.”

Are you doing gigs or anything over the next year?
“Yeah we are booked up now until the end of the year. We have a Hard Rock festival coming up next year. All of March next year we are doing gigs, we are booked up quite a lot it’s going to be mad. Hopefully faster, more revs. I never want to change our musical style. I know the hard rock image of tattoos and beer isn’t particularly favourable at the moment but we are animals, we are a wolf pack. You can’t get a computer to make that sort of passion.”

Is there a story behind the name of ‘Black Bullets’?
“Haha yes, there is. It wasn’t us who came up with it. Supposedly, legend has it that there is a sex toy called ‘black bullet’ which you can get in a vending machine around certain areas of Southampton. I like to think we named it after the confectionary a humbug mint because we are refreshing, dark and mysterious.”

Be sure to keep up to date with The Black Bullets via their Facebook page for information and news on their upcoming events.

Photo Credit: Will Cole

Photo Credit: Will Cole

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