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Reading University Student’s Union is a place where students can go and seek answers for anything. Any pressing questions, seemingly silly queries or even when just in need of some peer advice, the student help desk and the advisors at the activities centre are there to help.

One of the main concerns around campus and within RUSU is student safety. It has become clear that more awareness regarding safety is needed and therefore more showcasing of the help accessible is required.

As soon as you enter the doors to the SU, there is a huge poster on the right-hand side of the wall with handwritten letters stating, “I love Consent”. This highlights how important it is for students to know that awareness is key, and that it is imperative to know what precautions to take when in vulnerable situations, such as going on a night out to Union or even walking back from lectures in the dark.

There have been so many articles recently about the different precautions women specifically should take when walking alone to prevent unwanted male encounters, for example: not wearing headphones or carrying a mobile phone, carrying a set of keys between two fingers, always covering drinks and many more. However, when it comes to students, whether male or female, the most important thing is to not walk alone at night. The lack of daylight provokes fear and therefore makes people feel more suspicious and more scared to be alone.

Campus Security Helpline and different Helpline services in Reading:

  • Campus security- Tel: 0118 378 6300 (Emergency) or 0118 378 7799 (General Enquiries).
  • Reading Rape Support Centre (Trust House)- Tel: 0118 958 4033 or email: office@trusthousereading.org.
  • Berkshire NHS Crisis Team- Tel: 0300 365 0300 – out of hours mental health emergency support.
  • National Domestic Violence Helpline- Tel: 0808 2000 247 – 24hour free helpline for women experiencing domestic violence.

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