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Josh Jackson and Luca Duffy with their tower of cups. Credit to Emer Scully

Make tens of pounds by picking up cups

Two boys have a mastermind plan to pick up hundreds of cups to make money out of Reading Festivals clean-up bonus.

Empty paper cups can be exchanged at the bars here for 10p, meaning bringing back just ten cups can make a clean human being a whole pound.

These kids know exactly how to play the system as they collect what must be hundreds of cups from around the festival site.

The cups have been stacked together forming two huge metre long stacks which tower over the boys heads.

Josh Jackson and Luca Duffy are just 11 and 10 years old, but already their brains are for business as they use their festival experience to make dollar.

A Reading Festival spokesman said: “Every bar cup and all plastic bottles that you purchase at Reading will have a returnable deposit of 10p.

“Minimum of 10 items for £1, a full recycling bag of bottles is worth £5.

“There is a dedicated return point in the arena (marked on the site map) where you can redeem your deposit.”

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