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Killer clowns sighting: Prank or real deal?

Clowns, probably one of the things that people fear most. Recently, sightings of creepy “killer clowns” have been received by the police all over UK, including Reading. This terrorizing craze, which started on college campuses in US, has now spread to the soils of UK.
Police departments in the North East of England has received more than 200 reports of clown sightings and 14 incidents were recorded involving “alarm, distress and harassments”. BBC News reported that there is a chance that you might be committing an offense if you dress up as a clown in public as it leaves people feeling “anxious, scared and intimidated”.
An 18-year-old from South Wales is now the first killer clown in Britain to be prosecuted as a warning to others teenagers who are thinking of joining this killer clown craze. Connor Jones was arrested and fined £90 for a public order offence after dressing up and scaring children outside St Cenydd comprehensive and neighbouring Hendre infants school on last Friday.
In Southampton, a 13-year-old boy who dressed up in a clown mask sustained minor injuries after being hit by a car on Monday evening.
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