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Extra Student Study Space Added

As I am sure you are all aware, our beloved library is being refurbished. Now whether you actually love the library or really hate spending time there, we can all agree that is it a valued asset to our academic experience.


The Library at URS currently provides 600 study spaces however, these are easily filled during peak times (10:00-16:00) with the masses that form our student population of 17,000.


The following study spaces have been added after 15th January 2018:

  • Study space at Eat at the Square: Eat at the Square will be open after lunch from 3.00 pm -6.00 pm every Monday to Friday during term time. It will provide approximately 280 spaces, with refreshments available to purchase from The Grumpy Mule.
  • Extended Chancellor’s Building opening hours: Opening hours for the Chancellor’s Building have been extended to offer additional space from 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm every Monday to Friday during term time. (This is in addition to opening Chancellor’s at weekends if URS becomes full – see below).


This is welcome news following the online petition ‘Where has our library gone?’ That garnered 1,961 signatures last term and led to talks being held with the petition creator and RUSU releasing their joint initiative with University of Reading: The RUSU £1m capital fund in order to address the current student satisfaction.


Further information is available on the Library Refurbishment Page.


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