ECOSOC, Day 2, Update 6

ECOSOC continues the discussion of the Working Paper.

Rwanda challenges China’s advocation of the media. The delegate representing Zimbabwe proclaims their surprise in the working paper’s proposal of increasing support for charities regarding Singapore’s earlier stance to NGO’s whereas Chad approves the ideas in the working paper.

Zimbabwe proposes a moderated caucus discussing the draft resolution, it is approved.

Slovenia claims that whilst education is key to the issues surrounding ageism, it is not the only solution. After 3:40-minutes the moderated caucus elapses. ECOSOC moves into another 10:00-minute unmoderated caucus, followed by another 10:00-minute unmoderated caucus straight after. Switzerland would like to reintroduce working paper 2 but this again falls through. France puts forward removing Singapore from the debate. ECOSOC votes on closing the debate, the motion fails and therefore the debate cannot close yet.

India proposes to introduce draft resolution 3, it is successfully introduced.

Singapore would like an unfriendly amendment to the resolution, as it is not a sponsor, we require a debate with a for and against argument. Zimbabwe will speak against and Singapore will speak for. The delegate of Singapore would like to reduce taxation of private pension providers and they claim “taxation is theft”. As Zimbabwe responds, Singapore holds a sign that reads simply ‘Robert Mugabe’.

A motion is passed to close the debate and move to voting procedure. Two resolutions remain on the table: 1 and 3. Draft 1 from the Russian Federation has 0 votes, so therefore a voting procedure goes ahead on draft resolution 3 first, from Russia, China, India and Chad. Voting will take place via placards.

The voting procedure:

Countries in favour of draft resolution 3: 19 countries to 1.

Resolution reached at 16:20! That concludes the Reading ECOSOC debate for 2017!






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