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Photo Credit: Ruth Williams

Less study space? Comment

A sign has been placed in front of The Spark’s library newspaper bin to inform passing students of “Fake News.”

At The Spark we can assure you we do not print “Fake News” and we have all facts backed up and verified before going to print.

The article has been criticised because “books [except Course Collection items in URS] will remain in the Library and will be borrowed as usual”.

Therefore it would be appropriate to clarify that the library building will not be closed for refurbishment. It is the Study Space which will be inaccessible. This move will begin on April 18 and last until August 2018. Please read our front-page article for full details. 

The library will be open every day from 9am-10pm.

As mentioned in the original article, the URS building, which consists of ‘Study space, Café, IT Help, Study Advice and all other Library services,’ will be open 24/7 (except on Saturday 9pm to Sunday 8.30am).

Photo Credit: Ruth Williams

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