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Here’s why you should try Pole Fitness…

This autumn term, I found myself starting my third and final year of my degree. Alongside my

studies, I had my first ever pole fitness session after signing up at the freshers’ fayre in



I found myself getting more into sports during my studies at university due to the wider

variety compared to back home. Pole fitness presented me with a different way to exercise,

whilst also learning something new and different. In particular, pole is especially good for

improving flexibility, coordination and core strength. What I like about the sport is how it has

the ability to make exercise fun without discrimination. Regardless if you’re a man or woman,

big or small, you’ll get a considerable amount of exercise and make some new friends along

the way.


Unlike other societies I’ve been joined during my time here, Pole Fitness is very noticeably

female dominated. Although everyone was presented with the choice to opt for a male or

female instructor if preferred, personally, it wasn’t something I felt would affect my ability to

learn. The only way in which being a man makes a difference is I can be naturally less

flexible when it comes to moves like the splits.


With 2020 on the horizon, I am most looking forward to the workshops and socials which will

be organised throughout the next term. Already this year, there have been strength, flexibility

and choreography workshops which always gave me something to look forward to. I’m also

very interested in seeing the variety of different styles brought by all the visiting instructors.


Because classes are set depending on ability, the socials are a key part of the club. They

allowed me to meet the wider society whom I might not have met otherwise. They were also

very helpful in letting me get to know my instructors and classmates outside of the hour-long

classes. After all, societies are always much more fun once you’ve made a bunch of friends.


My favourite moment so far has been the lesson on silks, which is where moves are

supported off the ground by two long pieces of fabric. Silks were a fun way to introduce

inverting (going upside down) but without the effort of supporting your weight. It’s an added

piece of variety contained within the sport itself which helps to keep things interesting which

is what will always keep me coming back.


All in all, I’m excited to see what the pole fitness society has in store for me in the year to


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