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Tips for Hitchhiking:


1. Group up. 


There is safety in numbers- and if you are female this will relieve some worry about your own safety. Also we found being in a group of three a good thing! It kept up our individual morale and encouraged drivers to pick us up to find out what on earth we were doing!


2. Take the essentials.


A tent (In case you end up stuck at a service station, also reduces costs), road maps of the countries you travel through, a whiteboard (change your destination if you wait for a while, for example, to a road name, a closer town or a general direction i.e. A45), foam thumb (or any other props such as onesies to stand out!), snacks and a lot of energy! The more energy we displayed – the better the reaction we gained. And… do NOT lose the whiteboard, like us!


3. Learn the language. 


In countries where hitchhiking is not so common this will really help. Not only will you be able to hold conversation with drivers, but you will also be able to communicate PRECISELY where you want to go, along with being able to do our next tip…


4. ASK for lifts. 


Sometimes it is worth biting the bullet and asking. This is easy to do at petrol stations and service stations, sometimes they may be able to take you just slightly further- and any distance helps.


5. Pick locations carefully. 


The best locations are roundabouts leading to the main highway, petrol stations and service stations. If a location is not working, move on. Just make sure where you are standing is legal and not too remote for safety reasons.


6. Trust your instincts.


If one of you has a funny feeling at all during the hitch, follow it! Usually the feeling is right.




This is easily done after three hours in the same spot. However you never know when the next lift will come, and you will get somewhere eventually-  so hold that smile and jump around, its all part of the experience!


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