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Courtesy of Emma Reeves

Study Abroad: A Trip Down Under

With all the excitement of Fresher’s Week the decision to study abroad may seem one of many things to add to a distant “to do” list. However, it comes around fast (trust me!) and is worth considering before it passes you by. If you fancy adding experience and skills to your CV, see part of the world and throw yourself into another culture then this could be for you. Some courses allow you to take a whole year abroad, whilst others, like mine (English Literature), allow you to do a semester. This means that you pay your usual tuition to Reading but get to experience a totally different university.

Courtesy of Emma Reeves

Courtesy of Emma Reeves

Fancy adding skills to your CV, seeing part of the world and throwing yourself into another culture? Then this could be for you!

There are various means of financial support such as bursaries, meaning it can be the perfect opportunity to experience living abroad relatively easily. Not forgetting it is a unique experience which is not only fun, but a chance to develop your degree through different modules and ways of learning. Dependable on your degree subject there are plenty of destinations, with options in Europe such as Poland, Spain, Sweden and France, to destinations further afield such as Taiwan, Australia and America.

I am currently on a semester down under in Melbourne. Despite the frantic organising, attempts to pack my life into a suitcase and learning the slang (thongs = flip flops, still gets me) it is an amazing experience. Time is flying by and although I am on the other side of the world, there’s so much support it is easy to settle and deal with any homesickness. I have travelled before but this has been a unique chance to live abroad (and work abroad if a visa permits!), and for any who have not travelled it is a perfect chance to fit some in whilst studying. Not bad, eh?

Courtesy of Emma Reeves

Courtesy of Emma Reeves

For me studying on a completely different campus with a completely different approach to learning, meeting people from around the world (and some of the locals of course – the first had a shark bite, slightly stereotypical!), taking part in Aussie sport, visiting the beach, exploring the city on weekends and travelling further afield has made this experience better than I could have hoped.

Future destinations on my list include the outback and hiring a camper van to travel the Great Ocean Road – it’s definitely one way of motivating yourself through the many essays! I could not recommend it more. Visit the study abroad website for details on destinations specific to your degree, and what to do next. Good luck!

For more information visit: http://www.reading.ac.uk/studyabroad/outgoingstudents/vso-outgoingstudents.aspx 

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