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Safety Bus – Yes from me!

Words by Georgia Courtney-Cox, 2nd Year. 

Finding a safe way to get home in the evenings is often an afterthought when finishing late on campus. Truth be told what sparked my attention to the Safety Bus was the fact that Uber is not available in Reading. As a Londoner, Uber is my first resort when I needed a reliable and safe way of getting home that would put me, my mum and my boyfriend at ease.  

Many of the Safety Bus drivers are current students and my experience taking the bus has been extremely positive. At first it may seem quite awkward to strike up a conversation with the drivers but they are really welcoming and just as chatty. They are happy to drop you off either at your halls, or a rented house so long as it is within the perimeter (as shown on their sign in the URS). 

Coincidentally, one of the Safety Bus drivers who dropped me to my rented house recently studied the same modules in their second year that I am currently taking. In one short journey I received useful revision tips and course advice. I would definitely recommend taking the Safety Bus to get you home warm and safe- and you can have a chat along the way!  

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