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Taken from the official Facebook page

Professional travel writing: I of the Sun

Ever wanted to turn your wanderlust into an income? Tell the world about all your experiences? Write about travel? Go beyond writing a blog? Here is an example of how you can turn your travels into a successful travel writing career.  

University of Leeds graduate Richard did just that. At 22 years old he set off from his suburban town with a one way ticket to Malaysia, not sure of where he was going or when he was coming back. In turn his adventures took him around Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. He soon began to gain a lot of stories. So many in fact, he turned them into a book, which has been widely praised.

Spark* Travel Editor’s review of the work:

I of the Sun does not only sum up what it means to be young with itchy feet, and an incredible desire to explore the world, but it also explores other philosophical questions many young people will be able to relate to. The book is an enjoyable read which suitably summarises the highs and lows of backpacker travel; confirming the fact that you can come across a lot of lows but it just adds to the adventure of a lifetime. It certainly has inspired me to document my own travels.


Taken from the official Facebook page

Taken from the official Facebook page

We asked him what motivated him to travel, and how he began writing about his adventures, he said:

Back when I was studying at university in Leeds, I dreamt of travelling the world, writing as I went along, and turning it into a book some day. When I was 22, I started my journey in Southeast Asia and ended up spending a year in the region – travelling, partying and working in a bar on Ko Phi Phi Island in Thailand. I kept a diary as I went along, and apart from a few missing days, managed to keep hold of it. Some years later, I eventually dug it out and started writing it up on the computer and creating a novel. Turning one year of my life into a book took three and a half years, but I got there eventually!”

And with that adventure of a lifetime, he has turned it into an income. It is important to remember that documenting your travels can do more than simply retain the many memories you’ll want to look back on!  Who said travel was just for fun? If you’re an inspiring writer, want to work in the travel industry or simply love to travel, then consider writing about your own adventures as a potential career route.  Start with a blog, or document your travels in notebooks just like Richard did. Who knows where it will take you!

Or just read Richard Arthur’s stories for South East Asia, and worldwide travel inspiration.  In a time where competition is ripe, he has successfully told his story in an interesting, and knowledgeable read (without removing the juicy bits).

I of the Sun is now available in paperback and Ebook format. You can purchase it from Amazon, iTunes, Waterstones and other leading retailers. 

Want to learn more about Richard’s travel writing? Visit:

Website:  www.iofthesun.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iofthesun


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