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London travel: The Shard

Jess Freeland

One of the newest features of the London skyline is the Shard and as the name suggests the building resembles a shard of glass. At three-hundred and ten metres it is the tallest building in Europe and if you have not seen it yet, it is as impressive as it sounds.

Visitors to the capital usually flock to the London Eye to get their ‘birds-eye view’ but if I were you I would climb the Shard – with adult advance tickets at £25 it is around the same price as the Eye, yet you get to go more than double the height! The efficiency is impressive, thanks to its system of timed slots, so with an advanced ticket you do not have to worry about endless queuing or crowds at the top; making it run a lot smoother than the trains below it!

I did not climb to the top on the clearest day but, even then, the view was truly phenomenal. The website boasts that views of forty miles can be seen – emphasising just how impressive it is. The Shard reduces London to a mere toy town with its play trains running through it. From the dizzying heights of floor seventy-two (that you reach at an extraordinary six metres per second) you can see all the classic London icons as well as any personal favourite spots; for me I loved looking out to Crystal Palace Park where I remember going as a child! The Shard gives such a unique perspective of London and it’s fascinating having an opportunity to see where everything is in relation to each other. It is almost as if you are looking down on a map of the city! Whether you know London well, or can just recognise the sights, I would recommend seeing the view from the Shard without any hesitation.

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