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Vietnam by Hannah Banks. One of the countries Hannah has blogged on.

Travel tips: How to create a travel blog

1. Read other travel blogs

By simply typing ‘travel blog’ into Google it brings up hundreds of different options for you to browse through. Alternatively, you can have a look through various travel magazines. These will often suggest or recommend blogs. By researching widely it is a great way of gaining inspiration; finding out what works and what doesn’t in the blogging world and eventually leads to you creating your own style and approach.

2. Pick a topic

A travel related one, of course! By doing this it will give you and your blog focus. Preferably find one which is compelling for readers. Examples include: student travel, cooking foreign cuisine, family holidays, back-packing, solo travel amongst many more.

3. Choose an appropriate blogging site or platform

Its best to find something which works for you, whether that be hosting and creating your own site, or using one of the many hosted sites. Personally I prefer hosted sites as they’re often free, allow you to pick themes, add links to social media and are amongst many other blogs which makes your content far more accessible!

Commonly used sites includes WordPress and Blogger.

4. Make a regular posting schedule

Its best to post regularly (once a week, decide a time and stick to it). If you are traveling whilst writing make sure you plan blogging into your trip. Through regular posts your audience will stay engaged and stay interested in you and your travels. Readers like reliability and consistency.

Top tip: If you write a journal or keep a jotter whilst traveling to go alongside your blog, it will help you remember things like food you tasted, the weather, the culture and customs, hostel recommendations and key facts or trivial pieces of information.

5. Post pictures!

People will love seeing what you’re up to, the more obscure and hard to explain the better!

6. Keep your writing positive

Traveling can, at times, be hard and you may encounter various horrible troubles such as a stolen wallet or an unfriendly stranger. try not to include these negative rants in your blog as negativity will often put people off reading more about your travels.

7. Avoid bland adjectives

Things like “awesome”, “amazing” and “fascinating” are not very descriptive, try using descriptions which engage the senses for people to get a true reflection of what your experiences where like.

8. Encourage readers to comment

What more could every travel blogger want than a topic or issue you’ve raised being discussed on your own blog. A place where lots of different people are sharing their thoughts and experiences – perfect!

9. Network, Link and Share on social media!

Spread the word. Find other bloggers and support them too in the quest to succeed in travel blogging! You never know they may be able to help you get a bigger readership.

10. Be patient, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Creating a successful blog takes time and effort. Enjoy seeing how your blog grows and develops. Be patient if it is slow to take off. It will be worth it in the end!


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