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A trip to Bath and Stonehenge



On the 2nd March 2012 the Travel Society at The University of Reading endeavored upon a short pilgrimage to Bath and visited England’s very own, “wonder of the world”: Stonehenge. So, you’re thinking: cavemen. Ancient rocks. Pagans. Big deal! Well, I initially thought that too when I signed up to go. But after an hours drive to get there I began to see and truly appreciate why these rocks are so special to our culture. Now, I’ve passed this famous “wonder of the world” countless times in my past. My parents always slowed down and made my siblings and I marvel at it. Being young and preoccupied with my Game Boy, I moaned and commented on how: “it’s just a bunch of big silly rocks”, not truly comprehending the magnificence of them. However, this recent trip opened my eyes and I couldn’t help but wonder what they meant. Why were they placed in these strange positions and what did it mean to those who created them?



Travelling doesn’t have to be exotic and to some faraway place. 

I find it amazing how these rocks were transported hundreds of miles by foot. Or so we are led to believe. Why did they not just choose rocks which originated from the Somerset area? Wouldn’t that have saved time and effort? But why were they moved? And what is so special about those rocks and placing them specifically there? What do they mean? Myself and fellow Travel Editor, Emma Reeves pondered over these questions; finding them fascinating and imagined our own crazy answers.


Walking through the City and imagining I was a tourist

Next, the Travel Society drove us all into Bath. For me, I have previously visited all the tourist attractions on offer in Bath and was quite looking forward to an afternoon exploring the shops. However, I was pleasantly surprised and quite enjoyed revisiting the Roman Baths and Pump Room; visiting Jane Austen’s house; trying the sulfurous water again (which smells like rotten egg), and visiting the Circus and Royal Crescent. It was so nice to walk through the City and imagine I was a tourist, visiting these places for the first time. My friend and I spent hours wandering along the cobbled streets chatting away and having fun. It made me truly appreciate English culture and history and realise that travelling doesn’t have to be exotic and to some faraway place. It can be one hour away from Reading.

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