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A day trip to the magical world of movies

As I sat sipping my butter beer, I could almost imagine myself in the wizarding world; just like when the books first lit up our imaginations in 1997. And a handful of friends became convinced they were wizards. Whether you’re saving money for far away adventures, just want a day away from Reading, are going up to London for the weekend… or you simply want something to do as the winter months set in, this day trip is perfect. And at the price of £29.00 per ticket, it really is not too bad.
The Harry Potter Studios; located just outside London. Warner Brothers have housed some of the movies greatest sets, props and costumes, and are set to display even more from other movies in the future. If Harry Potter caught your imagination, or you’re simply into the magical world of movies and movie-making, this estimated three hour journey through the wizard world is not to be missed.
The tour begins with a short film to capture the mood of the franchise you are then whisked into the ‘Great Dining Hall’ – a staple recognition for many.
It is really interesting to learn how they captured such scenes – including using real – and later, plastic food! There are so many props on display such as wands, scenery sets like ‘Hagrids Hut’ and costumes which are all interesting to see up close and in reality. There’s also an outside area with many recognisable items too. It also goes into detail about the use of paintings, sketches, animals and scale model buildings to name but a few – worth visiting for those generally into films, art and design.  However for those hardcore fans it may just shatter the illusion the Harry Potter is a work of fiction… But, when you visit, you appreciate the illusion a lot more in moments such as walking down Diagon Alley, as its very impressive how they managed to do it all – especially the Quidditch!
Overall it is a great place to visit, especially from Reading, so whilst you’re studying here it really is an opportunity not to be missed. You can drive there within forty-five minutes, or catch a train from Reading station to Watford Junction. Most trains require at least two changes but once you are at the station there is a return shuttle bus to the studios for £2.00. An interesting, different and magical day out! And you can even buy chocolate frogs, wands or your very own Hedwig if your wallet can take it. Enjoy!

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