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  • March 10, 2022
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The Victoria’s Secret Rebrand: For Women by Women

By: Emma Perkins

After a period of wavering popularity, Victoria’s Secret have announced their plans for a long-awaited, and for some long overdue, rebrand. Following over 50 years of perpetuating an idealised stereotype of femininity, the lingerie and beauty giant will be shifting towards empowerment and inclusivity.

Victoria’s Secret is one of many brands undergoing a message makeover, and they have big plans. Their name will change to Victoria’s Secret & Co., under the direction of parent company L Brands, and will be run by a new board of seven members, including six women.

Victoria’s Secret will also be launching a new campaign, namely the VS Collective. The VS Collective, founded by  US footballer Megan Rapinoe and actress Priyanka Chopra. It will celebrate women of all races, genders and body types and will work to create new programs, product lines and online content. Yet another partnership announced by the brand is the Victoria’s Secret Global Fund for Women’s Cancers with longstanding partner Pelotonia, which will support research programs aimed at treating and curing cancer and investing in the next generation of female scientists.

“We need to stop being about what men want and to be about what women want,” Martin Waters, chief executive of Victoria’s Secret said. Their proposed plan reflects this, with the company offering nursing bras and sportswear and mannequins portraying a range of body types being featured in stores.

When compared with the competition, Victoria’s Secret has been slow to adapt. That being said, with such inspiring women spearheading the new movement, myself and other consumers are patiently waiting to see what Victoria’s Secret can deliver.

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