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A walk back in time: Washington D.C.

Katie Parris

In February 2009 I travelled to Washington, D.C. with my sixth form History class to study the American government. Washington D.C is the capital of the United States, now it may not be considered a typical holiday destination, however despite this it is a great experience! After our plane there had landed I got the chance to see The White House. The White House is the home of the American President and has been since 1800.» >

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Hong Kong – An Asian City of extremes

From the metro I caught flashes of skyscrapers reaching upwards and competing for space. Bright advertising lights painted in any gaps in the metropolis. The fauna of the hills loomed in the background, now a distant memory after spending a few days in the bustle of the concrete jungle; full of an array of sights, sounds and life. Hong Kong. Originally a stop over to break the longitude of travelling on to Australia as part of my backpacker adventure, I had not really known what to expect apart from a bustling city.» >

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India: Colour and life

In Spring 2011, I ventured out of Europe and to the East. I went to Jaipur for a month, and Mumbai for just over two weeks. Here is an article I wrote about the experience:

Somewhere between gate 213 of Dubai airport and my seat aboard the fully-laden plane, I entered a microcosm of another country that would begin a two-month long trip. This was a huge step from my life at home into the mysterious area that Geography lessons told me sits east of Europe; is densely populated and unimaginably colourful: India.» >

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