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Winter Accessories: Have yourself a Merry Stylish Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and of course you will want to make an impact on that exciting day. As you will be eating a huge amount (I hope!) belts are a big no-no. Instead, distract those around you with statement jewellery that will drag the eye upwards, drawing the attention away from your expanding stomach! Chunky necklaces can jazz up any simple, loosely cut Christmas dresses that you will bring out on the day.

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Which Century ‘Suits’ You?

The 50s to the 00s represented a half-decade of varied fashions where each century had its own style. This article describes these centuries’ fashions.

In the 1950s, Dior’s ‘New Look’, full skirted and small waist dresses became popular. Shorter trousers, known as pedal pushers, pencil skirts, peplum and mid-thigh Bermuda length skirts were also worn.

The 1960s meant Go-go boots, PVC and psychedelic patterns all became popular. Stilettos, mini-skirts and A-line dresses meant more revealing was more acceptable.» >

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Best style at NYFW

This September, the eyes of the world turned to New York, as NY Fashion Week kicked off once more. As per usual, they predicted and dictated the trends we will be wearing when the sun finally emerges again in spring 2014.

The style sticking around for another season seems to be the highly popular monochrome look, with black and white as permanent a fixture on the runways as it was at NY’s last fashion week.» >

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