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Getting Mexi-crazy with Doritos

Having been bought a copious amount of lightly salted Doritos by my mother, I was faced with the dilemma of having to consume them in different ways so as not to develop a life-long hatred for them. One of the best moments I have had with these delicacies is my Dorito-nacho epiphany during a tedious essay writing session. Perfect for an after exam Mexi-party and uses up the vegetables your mother makes you buy.» >

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Freshers fashion essentials

Here are some fashion essentials that will definitely come in handy during your first year, and possibly the whole of your Uni life. Freshers, take note!

A stylish yet sturdy bag – You may think that a good looking, cheap bag is the way forward, however you will often find that you’re taking chunky books to lectures or frequently stocking up in the library. A bag that is both stylish and sturdy is definitely advisable, as a student budget means you will want something that will last!» >

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