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Why a 9-5 Working Week is not conducive with the Exam Term

Have you ever been in the library at 10pm, 11pm, 12pm?

Have you even been to Park Bar at 11am because you just finished your morning exam?

Have you ever been in the library at 7 am to get your favourite seat?

Do you find yourself spending your weekends in the library?

If you have then, like me, you are a victim to the alternate universe that is a University during exam term.» >

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When did Libraries Become a Lifestyle?

Aarhus Statsbiblioteket

We’ve all been to a library, they play a vital role in our academic lives, whether we nip inside to collect a book or spend all-night frantically trying to finish an assignment due the next day. Whilst we may associate them with the dorky stereotype, this is no longer the case and I can now safely conclude: libraries are sexy. Libraries are increasingly adapting to our busy lifestyles and now serve as meeting spaces, cafes, music venues, sleeping retreats, gaming rooms, massage parlours and forests.» >

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Top 10 Things To Do On Campus

Welcome to the University! This  year we are hoping to have more  student’s work featured in the paper . You can see some here from last year. We’ve put together a visual guide of ‘campus hot spots’  for you to get involved in as you settle into student life.This is for all you new students out there who are unsure on what to visit on campus.


Credit Beatrice Ridge 3rd Year Art

Credit Beatrice Ridge, 3rd Year Art 

The 3Sixty:

Campus’s hottest night club complete with cafe’s and latest hits from the charts.  » >

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Library24 Update

The University of Reading has announced that the 24-hour opening hours will begin in the last two weeks of the spring term. The dates for these weeks are Sunday 9 March to Saturday 22 March.

After the Easter break, 24-hour opening will resume from Tuesday 22 April until Friday 4 July. 24-hour opening in term-time will be standard over the 2014-2015 session.

The University Library notes that during the 24-hour opening the Library will be closed between pm Saturday evening until am Sunday morning for essential maintenance.» >

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24-hour Library opening

At RUSU’s Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 26 November it was announced that the University have approved 24-hour opening of the Library on campus during term time.

Vice-Chancellor David Bell and RUSU Education Officer Emma Jackson were the people to break the news, which was met with a resounding round of applause.

The 24-hour opening will begin around March/April 2014 and will include the revision and exam period in the summer term, like it did during the trial period last year, but this time the 24-hour opening will resume at the start of the next academic year.» >

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