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A Doll’s House Comes to The Progress Theatre: A Review

A Doll's House

In this play directed by Adrian Tang, the word that comes best to mind is uncomfortable. Whether it it’s the strange age gap between the protagonist and her husband (that had every woman in the audience visibly cringing when they touched each other) or the awkward pauses in the action, the play does well to encapsulate the entrapping awfulness of the 19th century for women.

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‘Ladybird in Focus: Women’ at MERL is Worth a Visit

Exhibition MERL - Photo Credit Elliot Kim

You may already be familiar with the immaculately kept gem that is the Museum of English Rural Life. Located on Redlands Road a stone’s throw from London Road Campus and the Hospital, it’s tiny and beautiful, boasting an idyllic chicken-populated garden, peaceful café space, and completely non-stop milking of their slightly insane, completely viral, ‘absolute unit’ meme.

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Capturing Confines

Although the best of the public vehemently denies it, not even the fairest of people can run from natural powers of deduction. Most judge others by their appearance, more specifically, arriving at conclusions based on apparel. Fashion, is an industry made infamous for labelling, however, with its constant genius and creativity, in reality attempts to create projections of personality heavily immersed in individualism. It is no surprise then, that, with the influx of androgynous menswear for Spring/Summer 2014 and Autumn/Winter 2014/15, the industry makes a powerful statement against rudimentary labels.
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