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uProxy : Freedom through Facebook

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Matt Twells

Whilst the rest of the world was busy Snapchatting each other pictures of their contorted faces doing the Miley Cyrus tongue – something genuinely interesting and important came along. UProxy, built by collaboration between firm Brave New Software and the University of Washington, is a tool that lets you lend your internet connection through social media to people all over the world living under repressive regimes. By repressive regime, I mean actual repressive ones, not your lecturer in Agriculture who won’t let you finish that tweet that you’re #lovinglife.» >

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Cycling Holidays in Europe

For a lot of people, the idea of doing a cycling holiday may sound horrendous. I know a lot of people who believe that a holiday is a chance to get away and do nothing but relax and sunbathe. The thought of cycling instead of reclining to them is less than appealing. However, I have found that cycling is one of the best ways to experience and travel across a country.» >

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Interested in taking a year abroad?

This is for everyone planning their year abroad, or anticipating an upcoming adventure which will take them to unknown realms, in every way possible. Whether it is venturing to lands after, or simply getting your dissertation in on time. Change is on the horizon and you have every reason to be excited, although at present you may be terrified. This time last year, I did not think about my impending move to Germany (land of the sausage) too much.» >

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India: Colour and life

In Spring 2011, I ventured out of Europe and to the East. I went to Jaipur for a month, and Mumbai for just over two weeks. Here is an article I wrote about the experience:

Somewhere between gate 213 of Dubai airport and my seat aboard the fully-laden plane, I entered a microcosm of another country that would begin a two-month long trip. This was a huge step from my life at home into the mysterious area that Geography lessons told me sits east of Europe; is densely populated and unimaginably colourful: India.» >

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