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Do your part to help save the Environment!

The Blue Planet Effect is taking the world by storm. It brings all communities together to tackle our dependency on single use plastic. Thanks to the increase of awareness that various documentaries, social media posts and news articles are spreading, the global impact of plastic on the environment is becoming vital common knowledge. We now know that plastics do not break down, but instead break up into smaller fragments that exist in the environment for a scary amount of time.» >

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Treasures under the sea?

The International Seabed Authority (ISA) have announced that licences for deep-sea mining can be applied for from as early as 2016, but type in “deep-sea mining petition” into google and there are countries of people who object to this.

Natural resources are not going to be available forever. This is fact. They may last throughout our lifetime, but society is guzzling these from Earth faster than the Earth can provide. Seabeds, however, are rich in minerals and “one square kilometre could meet a fifth of the world’s annual consumption of rare metals and yttrium” (phys.org, 2011).» >

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