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Unreal Tournament: Through The Ages

Author: Aryan Alipour

Do you remember those games that your parents were led to believe would turn you into psychotic brain dead killers? Do you remember an evil narrating voice which would sometimes cut into your game and mention something so cool, it’ll make you want to repeat it. Have you ever played Unreal Tournament?

The Unreal Tournament Universe Only Changes Slightly In Each Game

As some of you may know, Unreal Tournament is a series of First Person Shooter Games developed by Epic Games and the lesser known Digital Extremes (took part in developing the Bioshock series in case you didn’t know).» >

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The Humble Double Fine Bundle

Author: Gabrielle Linnett

Often seemingly brilliant offers come with conditions which are at first hidden; but the Humble Bundle is the exact opposite. People pay what they want for the bundle of games. It’s possible to pay less than $1 for the three games, or once converted £0.65, but Humble Bundle organisers do put a limit of more than $1 to also get Steam keys for the games. Still, that is less than £1!» >

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PS4 Announcement Event

Author: Gabrielle Linnett

Sony indulged audiences across the world with knowledge of PS4, but left them wanting more.

On Wednesday 20th of February Sony held a launch event in New York that had been anticipated with keen interest; namely for the next generation of PlayStation. Considering the Playstation 3 was originally released in the UK in 2007, its slim counterpart in 2009 and a super-slim version released late September 2012, Sony has done well to maintain the high level of interest in the product.» >

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Introducing the Next Generation

Author: Aaron Hall

Another year brings, as does every year before it, the winds of change to thousands of young people across the land. Moving on from home to university life, somewhere new and completely different, brings a wealth of new experiences, faces and places to enjoy. For others it’s moving on from beyond the security of education, to living life as a graduate in the real and very much adult world.» >

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