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A day trip to the magical world of movies

As I sat sipping my butter beer, I could almost imagine myself in the wizarding world; just like when the books first lit up our imaginations in 1997. And a handful of friends became convinced they were wizards. Whether you’re saving money for far away adventures, just want a day away from Reading, are going up to London for the weekend… or you simply want something to do as the winter months set in, this day trip is perfect.» >

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London travel: The Shard

Jess Freeland

One of the newest features of the London skyline is the Shard and as the name suggests the building resembles a shard of glass. At three-hundred and ten metres it is the tallest building in Europe and if you have not seen it yet, it is as impressive as it sounds.

Visitors to the capital usually flock to the London Eye to get their ‘birds-eye view’ but if I were you I would climb the Shard – with adult advance tickets at £25 it is around the same price as the Eye, yet you get to go more than double the height!» >

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Reader’s top destination: Brighton

Katie Parris

Brighton is located on the South coast of England and is a must visit destination to see whilst at Reading as it’s so close. Located just two hours and fifteen minutes from Reading! It’s a city which has: a great night life, Brighton Pier, the Pavilion, the Lanes and the recently constructed Big Wheel. For those on a tight budget you can get a return ticket, with a railcard for £20.80.» >

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