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Travel tips: The art of sleeping on demand

If there’s one thing stereotypical students are good at, apart from studying and drinking of course, is sleeping. For many of us a train or bus journeys in and around the UK are relatively short and quick; twenty minutes, an hour or two maximum, so sleeping isn’t necessary. However when backpacking abroad, it’s a necessity. So when it comes to being able to sleep on demand usually on busy transport (sometimes accompanied by Chickens or other creatures), the average Joe or Josephine struggles.» >

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Gambia: An Exploration of Africa

My first visit to The Gambia was in 2008 due to my love for the culture, I returned a year later. My week long trip included a mixture of charity work and sampling what Gambia has to offer tourists. The Gambia, in West Africa after gaining its independence from the United Kingdom in 1965 has become known for its tourism industry and agriculture, particularly its production of peanuts.

Courtesy of Katie Parris

Courtesy of Katie Parris

Beautiful beaches, mini markets, a wonderful climate and exotic fruit juices

However many are still unaware of the delights that the Gambia has to offer.» >

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How to: Travel on a budget

Desperate to avoid a dull, wet and lackluster summer? Here’s a few fantastic holiday tips for you to consider, which will relax you from all that exam revision and give you something to look forward to.


Ellen‘s tips for budget travel:

Don’t be fooled by the pricey travel agents! Do it independently with your mates and bag yourself a bargain, you’ll be surprised at what you can find!

Avoid the nasty high season prices and make use of September before term starts.» >

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Editor’s pick: Thailand’s hidden gems

Here are our five other hidden gems of Thailand:

1. Pai, North Thailand – here’s where you can ride an Elephant at many of the Elephant camps they have; take a two/ three day jungle trek up into the mountains and stay with a hill-tribe for a night or two (drinking whiskey and trying their local cuisine). Another bonus is immersing yourself in the hot springs for a thorough exfoliation!
Also, have you ever fancied tubing in Vientiane, Laos?» >

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Thailand: The budget backpacker…

My love affair with Thailand began on my first trip around the world in 2010.  Bright eyed and eager I left the UK; human size backpack in tow, the world my oyster. My bank account (previously healthy) was drained by the delights of LA, New Zealand and Australia. It was not looking good for entering Asia.

So here it is, Thailand on a budget.

Where to go and how: 

Start in Bangkok: visit the notorious Khao San Road and experience the miss-matched ensemble of bright lights, crazy tuk-tuk drivers, thriving street sellers and charismatic lady boys.» >

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Don’t Worry – IT’S FIJI TIME!

The sound of the assembly hall coming alive with the children’s leaving song pricked tears from my eyes as it dawned on me that home was on the horizon. Home, it seemed a hazy memory after experiencing life in the remote south pacific. Home, where people wore shoes and were on time – what was that again? After a seven hour delay, the supposed welcoming sight of three Fijian’s merrily singing with guitars was suffocated by the lack of air conditioning.» >

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Vietnam: The Journey for South to North

An extract from Hannah Banks’ blog, ‘HanBanksy’:

My time in South-East Asia was coming to a close. I had three weeks left and these were to be spent backpacking from the south of Vietnam to the north. For the past month I had spent it in Cambodia teaching English at a primary school in Siem Reap. My journey through Vietnam began with a goodbye to the teaching and forest volunteers we left behind in Phnom Penh, before taking a short tuk tuk ride to the bus station and waiting for hours for our night bus to leave for Vietnam – we found out later that the driver had taken a nap.

» >

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