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No one likes a Snitch: A moment of silence for Peter, who has to fulfil the role of snitch at the tournament as well as play in all the games for the Rocs. Photo by Howard Orridge.

Quidditch Blog: Old Dogs and New Tricks the Key to Success

With less than two weeks to go before the first big tournament of the season, the roster has been completed.

A great mix of new and old could see us doing great things at regionals, despite some confusion that’s come up over group draws as another team has already had to pull out of the tournament. Here’s who’ll be representing Reading at Southern Cup this year and how:


Jake Veryard (Captain) – beater/seeker

John Calzolari (Vice) – chaser/seeker

Ari Carrington – beater

Naz Mussarrat – chaser

Peter Glenister – beater (and snitch! RIP)

Molly Maurice-Smith – chaser/keeper

Molly Whitaker – chaser

Jonathan Bloomfield – beater

Alex Wall – beater/seeker

Tom Crowe – chaser/seeker

Harry Richardson – chaser/keeper


Emelyne Gambier – chaser

Akash Singh – chaser/seeker

Marie Carames – chaser

Nick England – chaser

Chloe Beasley – beater

Diogo Santos Ganga – chaser/seeker

Luciano Cicu – keeper/seeker

Henry Ingall – beater

Tony Semkov – chaser

The team are all training hard right now, even those not heading to Southern. It’ll be a great weekend however we place, and everyone’s put a lot of work in to get up to speed in time!

A special shout out has to go to Peter, our Social Media sec, as he’ll not only be playing for us at Southern, but he’ll be snitching in other games too. Whether he comes back alive or not is up for debate, but my money’s on no.

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