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photos by Michael Parsonage

Quidditch Blog: No Respite After Tough Regionals

The post-regionals week, for many teams, would have seen a more relaxed attitude towards training, especially since it coincided with enhancement week (or whatever it’s called now). But not for the Rocs.

Whilst our first training back featured fun drills like dodgeball and hunger games, motivation was high and effort was higher.

The weekend session saw a dramatic new training scheme. Captain Jake Veryard, and Vice-Captain John Calzolari, spent the week working out a whole new plan with new and harder drills, aiming to maximise training and improvement.


And this new regime doesn’t just involve harder drills, and more position-specific drills, it also involves getting down some set plays. If things carry on this way, Reading is going to be a team to watch at nationals.

But it’s not all work, as the last week also saw the team hold a record two socials – keeping to Rocs tradition and trick or treating for Halloween, and then bringing in Bonfire night with a bang later in the week. The week ahead is also full of excitement, as the Rocs are holding their first joint session, with several other societies coming down to try Quidditch on Wednesday. And then Thursday sees the team start their fundraising with a bake sale in the Union.

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