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Quidditch Blog: Naked Calendars and Uni Grill Formals

It’s been an exciting week for the Rocs, with a lot going on!

At the weekend, about half the team trekked down to Oxford at a depressingly early time in the morning for Christmas Cup, an annual merc tournament. They had so much fun and amazingly didn’t freeze to death (which for Naz is a definite achievement). The tournament also saw Peter make his debut as a captain, after his team’s captain and vice-captain were unable to make it on the second day. And he came back alive, despite snitching in every game that he wasn’t playing, which is fairly impressive.

All week long before that, the team’s been working hard on their biggest fundraising endeavour of the year (probably) – the Reading Rocs Naked Calendar #2. That’s right. Last year’s calendar was hugely successful, so the team decided to do it again, but really upped the ante and produced a vastly better product. Most of the credit for the improved quality has to go to Naz for taking some gorgeous pictures, and Molly MS for some truly phenomenal editing skills. But it was a real team effort, and the products are ready and available! You can read more about the project in a number of articles in The Spark, as well as out own coverage of it, or you can support the sexiest Quidditch team in the country and just buy one here:

And this doesn’t even bring the week to a close, as Monday 28th saw the Rocs host their Christmas Formal. In Uni Grill. Yes, you read that right. What started out as a joke suggestion by Alex backfired spectacularly and the team held a formal dinner in Uni Grill. With everyone in formal (or semi-formal but Christmassy) dress the team took candles and champagne flutes down to have a nice, classy dinner on Reading’s most infamous chicken. The guys in the shop thought it was hilarious and were great laughs, and the formal was a huge success despite its innate ridiculousness.


We have never been so terrified of a naked calendar. Photo by Reading Rocs

We have never been so terrified of a naked calendar. Photo by Reading Rocs


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