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Society Fancy Dress by Josie Edwards
Society Fancy Dress by Josie Edwards

Korfball Takes Cardiff

On the 26th of October, Reading Knights Korfball Club headed down to Cardiff for a fresher’s tournament, taking with them two mixed teams, including returners and very eager freshers. It was definitely a tournament to remember. 

We all drove over on the Friday evening and settled into the community hall for the night, playing some games of competitive pool and Cards Against Humanity before we turned the lights off for some well needed sleep before the tournament the next day. 

The tournament kicked off at 9:00am on Saturday with 18 teams from all over the country ready to have a day filled with korfball. Reading Knights entered two enthusiastic but nervous teams. For many freshers, this was their chance to learn how a full korfball game actually looks and worksthese morning matches were the first full games they had played, but this did not stop them from giving it their all. 

The various skills we all had learnt in the training sessions in previous weeks were put to the test during these games. As the day and tournament began, the confidence in both teams increased massively. Both teams played with passion and a determination to win. Everything from shooting, passing, defending, finding space on the court and on-court calls were performed fantastically. Not only were the returners putting up many shots and scoring points, but equally, the freshers were taking the chances they had at putting up the shots, and lots were successfully scored. Peter, our club captain, also won the Charity Killer Competition by knocking out the competitors and shooting in the korf consistently fast! 

After the tournament, Reading Knights refueled with noodles and pizza and later on in the evening, we all let off some steam and took to a night out in Cardiff dressed up as pumpkins and ghosts. The weekend was made even better by this social on the Saturday night where we all bonded as a team over lots of drinks, dancing and singing. The night out was a great way to be welcomed to the sport and into the korfball family. 

A lot of the freshers said that after not really knowing anyone, and with almost no idea how to play korf, they came back from the weekend with so many new friends and a much better understanding of the rules. It’s a great sociable and confidence boosting event. The tournament ended with loads of new friendships and new passions for playing korf – it was definitely a weekend the team will never forget. 

Article by Josie Edwards

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