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EY help Nicole Stone achieve her dream of playing in the Quidditch World Cup

On the 3rd February EY (previously Ernst & Young), launched their Better Button campaign on Reading campus. This campaign gave students the chance to make something of their choice ‘better’. There were many winners on campus with prizes ranging from high-street vouchers to electronic pianos.

However, one of the most deserving prizes I felt, as Student Brand Manager for EY, was Nicole Stone’s sponsorship to get her to the USA Quidditch World Cup.

Quidditch is an intense, full contact sport that was officially set up in 2005. There are now roughly thirty teams across the UK; however only Nicole and one other has been selected to play in the Quidditch World Cup, an amazing achievement.

Nicole found out about the off-film sport whilst setting up Reading University Harry Potter Society. She was then invited to try out for the UK Quidditch team, where she was accepted. Nicole is also now on the National and International committee for the Quidditch Association.

As a snitch Nicole’s main task is to last as long as possible without being caught – as soon as she is caught the game is over. This requires speed, agility and strength to be able to fight off the seekers.

Nicknamed ‘little snitch’, Nicole says her main aim is to ‘prove to the American teams that UK snitches are just as good, if not better’. She has had to fund her trip to the USA herself which she did by setting up a fundraising page. With EY’s help, Nicole has now raised the full amount and will be playing in the  Quidditch World Cup this April.

A very deserving EY Better Button winner. We’ll be routing for you Nicole!

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