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Being part of a Sports club at Reading

As a third year, I have one piece of advice for any fresher: join a society! More specifically, join a sporting society. Since you have more free time on your hands as a fresher, it is the perfect opportunity to join a club and meet new people. With many sport clubs to choose from, you can either continue improving at a sport with which you’re already familiar or take the plunge and try something brand new. Whether you want to catch that snitch in Quidditch or catch that girl in Cheerleading, Reading has a lot to offer. Many people meet their closest friends or even potential housemates at a sport club – I think it’s something to do with working hard as a team and willingly spending a lot of time together, not to mention the regular socials. When you’re spending most of your days either in halls, your department, or even your workplace, it’s nice to go somewhere else for a change.  

People starting university can often forget to exercise to counteract all that drinking, so joining a sport club is the perfect way to burn calories while hanging out with mates. Clubs take their sport very seriously, and it is easy for it to become a huge part of your life, especially if you become a committee member. Open to anyone, being on a committee is very rewarding – hard work, of course, but completely worth it. Walking around campus with your Reading Knights gear on, you can’t help but feel like a BNOC. And with open days and joint socials, there is a lot of interaction with other sports teams within the university. Sport societies are renowned for having the biggest and best socials around. Joining a society was the best choice I’ve made so far at university; it’s a decision I want to encourage all new Freshers to make.

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