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Ballet Shoes by Lynnea on Pixabay
Ballet Shoes by Lynnea on Pixabay

BBC Series on Sports Innovators

BBC have created an online series showcasing young women and their relationships with sports called ‘Rebels.’ The episodes are short: under 5 minutes each. They condense the passions of the athletes into easily accessible and watchable videos.

The episodes focus on important issues in sports today. The themes include finding your place in a male-dominated field, the powers of social media and creating a community. Many of the women overcame injuries and other hardships. The focus of these aspects of their story communicates the intended purpose of the videos: to inspire.

The arguably most impactful episode focuses on Michaela DePrince, a ballet dancer who sheds light on the exclusivity of the dance. She talks of the traditional pink tights, reflecting the Caucasian-dominated field. Young black girls do not have access to tights or shoes that reflect the colour of their skin.

Despite the heavy topics, the episodes remain mostly light-hearted. If you need a quick inspiration boost for your year in sports and fitness, these videos are it.

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