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A successful year for RUTAM!

The year started off for RUTAM as it always does, preparing for our annual show which this year was called ‘Showtime’, featuring music from a variety of musicals. With a total of 8 dances from the society the preparation was tough but we were ready for our show.

Unfortunately, the day of the show happened to also be the day that the water pipe burst and the university was shut for the day meaning that our show was cancelled and we were understandably upset.

Through the dedication of our President (Brooke Mattey) and our Secretary (Ellie Waterhouse) the show was reorganized for the second week back after Christmas. Despite a few societies pulling out last minute due to the change of date, the show proceeded successfully without a hitch.  

With the delayed show we struggled to prepare for the annual Ballet Show ‘At The Circus’ but, always up for a challenge, we managed to pull together 4 dances. At the same time that we were preparing for the show we were also preparing for a Dance Competition at Northampton University called ‘Take the Stage’. Alongside the Ballet Society we entered 4 dances in total.  

One of the last events for RUTAM of the year was the Sports and Dance Awards evening in which we took the prize for the ‘Dance Performance of the Year’ and for the ‘Dance club of the Year’, both of which we are very proud. 

Brooke Mattey (2018/19 President) said: 

“I have loved being President of RUTAM this year and I’m so proud of everything we have achieved, from putting on an amazing show to winning ‘Dance Performance of the Year’ and ‘Dance Club of the Year’ at the sports awards! It’s been a pleasure being part of this amazing society!

“With only a few more sessions, our annual visit to London and our Summer formal left I can’t wait to see what RUTAM has to offer next year, led by our newly appointed president, Ellie Waterhouse!”

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