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Suave Santa Social- December, photo credit Jack Avis

A season of success for Science FC

The Intramural league is the UoR’s Sunday league equivalent; ideal for those players not quite good enough for RUFC but still enjoy playing some football. Historically, Chemistry have always finished bottom of the table, rarely fielded players that study the subject and in general had a miserable time. Last season Chemistry FC collected a point tally of -4, had a goal difference of -49 and were in debt to ChemSoc.

This year, myself, Jeremy Law (Maths president) and Tom Lansley of Biology assembled a joint Science team which is now sat in the top four competing for a position in the knockout stage next term. Notable results this season include a 5-0 win over Wessex Freshers and completing the double over top of the table Sherfield Hall (5-4 and 3-2). Although Science FC are high in the table, a low goal difference of only +7 is indicative of a team that has a knack for grinding out wins and holding on until the final whistle- this comes down to the players hard work.

Science FC have enjoyed regular socials and training sessions throughout the year and as well as performing well when it comes to match day, friends have been made that perhaps wouldn’t have. It’s been an outstanding turn around and I think this season embodies just how successful things can be when Societies collaborate in sport and in general.

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  1. billbeaven@tiscali.co.uk'

    From Woodham Radars safe hands to defender general and player coach of Science FC, you’ve come a long way and I’m so proud of your achievements. Now you’re also an established writer and I can see a successful career as a sports journalist.

  2. Lukeyhills@gmail.com'

    Fantastic season Mr Avis! I can only credit your man management skills and your adaptable tactics for such an outstanding points haul. You’ve turned a club destined for relegation into title contenders! Claudio ‘Avis’ Ranieri is the cry!

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