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5 hottest sports to try this summer!

Words by Print Sports Editor for The Spark, Jasmine Davis.


  1. Frisbee 

Cheap, fun and easy to pick up and play, a spot of Frisbee on the field with mates is a sure-fire winner for those warm evenings. 

  1. Rounders 

Likewise, rounders is inclusive and a laugh for everyone, with minimal equipment needed and pretty basic rules – the perfect squad afternoon, before hitting Park Bar. 

  1. Tennis 

With both outdoor and indoor courts available, why not book a slot and challenge someone to a match? With the French Open and Wimbledon on the way, tennis fever is preparing for its annual sweep across the nation. 

  1. Swimming 

Cool off with a dip in the pool: from high calorie-burning workouts to splashing about, swimming is a fantastic way to exercise throughout the summer months.  

  1. Surfing 

If you’re fancying something exotic, why not take a trip to the beach and whip out those surfing skills!  

And the best bit – there are societies for all five of these sports at the University of Reading! Check out the RUSU website for more information on taking part: https://www.rusu.co.uk/student-activities/sports/reading-knights/ 

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