10 Reasons You Should Join the Ballet Society in 2017/18

It’s not just for girls

Forget the stereotype! Ballet has always been a great, yet overlooked— dare I say it— SPORT for both genders.


It builds strength

Correct ballet training works muscles you never knew you had, and builds all-round strength. I don’t know any other sportspeople who can hold their entire bodyweight on two toes whilst in arabesque and managing to smile, too! Even if ballet isn’t your number one focus, it’ll give you an advantage in other sports.


All-round fitness

As well as being strong, ballet dancers have great balance, flexibility and stamina.


You make lots of new friends

Ballet gives you the opportunity to meet lots of new people outside of your halls and your course. Through rehearsals, competitions and socials you’ll spend a lot of time with these people — and you can never have too many friends!


It takes you to new places

We are very excited to hold our first ever ballet tour to Lisbon in 2018, where we’ll take in the sights and even try our hands at flamenco! As well as going abroad, we visit two cities for competitions every year.


It’s a great break from academia

It’s the last week of term: you’ve got four essays due, an exam and the last Wednesday union to think about! Don’t panic, as ballet gives you a great break from stress, allowing you to be more relaxed and leave the class more focused. Some scientific studies have even found that learning dances can improve your memory!


We hold great socials

We like to party as much as the next society (which is a lot), so you’re bound to find us throwing shapes on the dancefloor at MNQ. Last year we dressed up as black swans, went to Revolution for our Christmas meal, and had plenty of spontaneous nights out. This year we are hoping to watch some ballet shows in London,  too.

You may learn a little bit of French

Pas de deux, battement fondue, en croix… There’s a lot of ballet terminology, but you’re likely to pick up at least a few words, which you might end up using more than you think!


Build confidence

Performing on stage isn’t for everyone: we understand that, but learning ballet makes you feel better in yourself, and more confident in your abilities —which will certainly come in handy during your day-to-day life.


Belong to a society

Being a part of a society is a great way to maximise your university experience, make friends, and learn a new skill. If you think ballet might be for you, please come along to our taster session on 27th September: 2-3pm for intermediates/advanced, and 3.15-4pm for beginners, both in SportsPark dance studio.

Join us for our first social of the year too on Wednesday 4th October, when we’ll be dancing the night away at Union!

Our regular sessions are all on Wednesdays: 2-3.30pm for advanced, 3.30-4pm for pointe, 4-5pm for intermediate, and 6.30-7.30pm for beginners. All classes are held in the Sportspark, except for beginners which is in Wessex Hall. For more information feel free to follow us on Facebook! 

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