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Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Santa Claus is coming to town, well maybe more than one. Tomorrow marks the famous Reading Santa Run taking place in Reading town centre where a plethora of jolly old St. Nicks will be taking to the streets all in the name of raising money for charity. Last year, the event raised £35,333.74 for charities in the area, with more than 1,500 runners taking part.

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The race will be 5 kilometre run including recognisable monuments of the town by kicking off from Forbury Gardens, The Oracle and Kennet Side. There is also a mini version of the race stretching for 1 kilometre for children to help get everyone involved for the festive season. The Father Christmas outfits will be supplied on the day which are being provided by the race’s main sponsor Roc Search. Do not fret if you have forgotten your stockings.  The main race kicks off at 9.30 am with a warm-up at 9.15 am and the mini Santa run starting promptly at 9 am.

The event is organised by the Reading Rotary Club, and the main charities this year will be:

  • No5, a children’s mental health charity
  • PACT, a charity supporting vulnerable children and families through adoption services and community projects
  • Reading Familly Aid which helps disadvantaged children
  • The Rahab Project, which aims to help those who have been victims of sexual exploitation and human trafficking
  • Berkshire Womens Aid, which helps female victims of abuse
  • The Alzeheimer’s Society, which assists those with dementia

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If you are a fan of  The Botanist in town then you are in for a treat as they have partnered with the race to help out on the day. “As a very close neighbour, we wanted to help out our charitable Santa’s and open our doors for breakfast! From 9 am, we are serving Bacon Sandwiches and Egg & Avocado Sandwiches with a choice of either Tea or Coffee for £5! You can sit in and enjoy the warmth of The Botanist or ask for a takeaway box to enjoy spectating on the streets in the hustle and bustle! The first 20 runners who show their medal will receive a complimentary hot beverage! Good luck to all participants!” – The Botanist Reading Facebook

 The route is all on road or pavements. The route is through the town centre and runners should be aware of street furniture and bollards. There are some narrow sections,  with runners advised to please show patience when passing through these areas and across the river Kennet Bridge. Due to the cold weather participants have been advised to keep your eye on the website and social media the week prior to the run for updates in case it may be necessary to cancel the event.

Although it won’t be a timed dash to the finish line, the first three men and women will receive awards for their speedy performance.For the lucky winners of the race Rose Williams, Mayor of Reading 2017 – will start the race and present medals. Prizes include a medal for men and women who come first to third in the race and for the kiddies an added bonus of a special goodie bag for all their hard work.

If you and your mates are looking to get involved and spread the festive cheer you can sign up via the website here for more details on how you can take part: 


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