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Avid athletics fan and member of the University’s athletics society, Lucy Wright tells us why you should join the squad this year.

I think many are deterred from considering Athletics because it sounds like a hardcore competitive society, however, although we compete in BUCS, and do a winter cross country series, we cater for all abilities; on Mondays there’s circuit training at 7 am, as well as a short run of about 4 to 5km at 7pm. On Wednesdays we have what is known as ‘half-marathon training,’ a goal we work towards the whole year, gradually building up distance until March when there’s a 17km run, and then finally on Fridays we run track sessions at Palmer Park.

Everyone Say Cheese – Credit to the Athletics Society

We have a coach who comes to Monday circuits and Friday track. Cross-country events are on Wednesday afternoons every couple of weeks in Autumn and Spring terms. This year, I am pushing for those who want to begin runningbut don’t have the motivation to do so. I myself only got into running a couple of years ago through park run, and it is amazing how quickly you improve, and what a buzz it gives you when you do. As President, I am by no means the fastest, but I love the community and great friends the society has provided me as a way to interact as a Fresher.

We had an amazing weekend in Sheffield for the BUCS Championships where over 2000 runners competed in a 7km cross-country race that quite honestly turned into a screaming mud bath. Ultimately, I want to spread the word about Athletics as much more than just a ‘running society.’ It creates a competitive edge, keeps you fit, and allows you to make amazing friends with a familiar love for running both endurance and sprinting alike.

You can contact the Athletics society via their social media links: 

  Reading University Knights Athletics

 Reading University Knights Athletics

Special thanks to Lucy Wright for the article.

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