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FemSoc Launchpad Event

FemSoc Help the Homeless

Early this December the University’s Feminist Society held an appeal in support of a local charity called Launchpad.

Launchpad is a local charity that began as a soup kitchen in 1979, who now offer services to the shocking number of homeless people we have all seen around Reading. Not only do they offer housing support and aid people who fear they will soon become homeless, but they also hold drop in sessions for people who need confidential support from trained individuals.

The Feminist Society’s event aimed to create gift bags that could be given to homeless women, and included a variety of donated items, including cosmetics, beauty and hygiene products.

In the spirit of Christmas, we threw on the Christmas classic Elf and a group of students from the university wrapped the gifts and wrote Christmas cards that contained sweet and hopeful messages for the recipients.

Launchpad is one of a number of charities that the Feminist Society works with, including Trust House and Mind, so keep your eyes peeled for any future fundraisers or events in support.

About Christina Sellers

Christina is a third year English Literature with Creative Writing student at the University of Reading.

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