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Exploring World Music: Why Filipino Music Is So Important

Music in the lives of Filipinos is very important, music is sufficient to eliminate boredom and liven up any day or occasion.

Needless to say, it’s hard to find someone from the Philippines who does not like music or can’t sing. Music in the Philippines is diverse, which also makes the listening preferences of Filipinos varied and accepting to different genres. I personally listen to a wide range of genres from Pop, RnB, Soul, Rock, Dance, Hip-hop, Jazz, and each of those different types of music can be found in my listening playlist and on those of most Filipino music listeners.

However, my most favourite is OPM, also known as Original Pinoy Music. (Pinoy being an informal term for Filipino). Any song written by a Filipino fall under this category. Most OPM songs are heartfelt, acoustic or stripped back band music. Most of them talk about love, heartbreak or just life in general.

It’s the heart in the music which makes me love OPM over Western Pop music. The heartfelt lyrics and the mellow instruments, but other than that is also the musical arrangement of these songs, the musical technicality and the detail of each instruments. Although, there are also songs that are fast and lively.

Currently, the music scene in the Philippines is changing and moving towards electronic production instead of real instruments, but I believe that the heart in the music will always be there. I would recommend artists like Up Dharma Down (UDD) for their electro-acoustic feel and deep lyrics that will make your mind think, IV of Spades for their 70s sound and feel and their ability to bring a fusion of the 70s and modern music, Moira Dela Torre for her soothing voice and heartfelt songs.

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