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Reading University Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Who are we?

Reading University Chemistry Society (ChemSoc) are a long running society ran currently by 10 Chemistry students from all year groups, working closely with the Chemistry department throughout the year to provide a space where students can come together to not only share their passion for Chemistry, but can make new friends and find a chance to relax and get the best out of their experience at Reading.

'Chemsoc-societies-fair' - Credit Chemsoc

‘Chemsoc-societies-fair’ – Credit Chemsoc

What we do

Throughout the year we have some amazing socials kicking off with our White T-shirt Bar Crawl. This is always our busiest (and messiest) social and a great way to meet students of other years. Watch out for that back side attack (don’t worry Russell will teach you that one)!

Other socials include Battle of the Science’s (Chemists are always the best at downing pints), Halloween, and always the chance to do a bit of bonding on Valentine’s Day.

We are also looking to put on more non-drinking socials this year; cinema nights, paintballing and maybe a good old trip to the science museum. We are welcome to any suggestions you have!

It’s also a tradition for ChemSoc to have a 3/4 day trip abroad. Last year was a fantastic trip to Amsterdam, and we have exciting plans in motion for next year. We always make the trip as affordable as possible and it’s a great way to take a little break from all the electrons you’ll be dreaming about and see some sightly sights.

Finally, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a ‘scientific footballer’ one might say, then find out more here about Science FC with whom we work very closely. You can read the article here:  ‘A season of success for Science FC’

'Chemsoc social'-Credit Chemsoc

‘Chemsoc social’-Credit Chemsoc

An exciting new partnership…

This year we are also happy to announce that we will be working closely with the charity LabAid to provide old laboratory equipment to those who have very little or no lab equipment at all in some developing countries, from donations we acquire from local institutions. Although the equipment may not be used by us anymore, it will still have some ‘life’ in it and would be invaluable to someone else. Although lab equipment is a rarity in these developing countries it is still required in exams meaning student often have to travel many miles.

Unfortunately at the start of this year the organisation, which was originally set up as a Trust, was suspended due to one of the three Trustee’s sadly passing away. We received a very moving email about the sadness this caused and it seemed the remaining members were on the brink of losing hope.  However recently LabAid had a successful application to the Charity Commission, hence becoming the LabAid foundation, and is on its way to getting back on its feet, hopefully with our help.

Another issue faced by the LabAid foundation is how to get the lab equipment over to other countries, specifically in Africa. We hope to raise money for them and do our own research to find volunteers, or any other means to get this equipment across the world.

We wouldn’t have passed A-level Science, never mind our degrees without simple lab equipment such as test tubes and balances, so this is an opportunity we are all passionate and excited about and are hoping to get as many people on board as possible.

Visit their website to find out more http://labaid.org/

Watch this space!

‘Chemsoc Trip To Amsterdam’ – Credit Chemsoc

Keep up to date

Make sure you follow our Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat accounts; RUChemSoc and find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ReadingChemSoc/

We also run a page specifically for Freshers which is ran by ChemSoc but you do not have to be a member – this is a great platform to have any questions you may have and meet your soon to be fellow lab mates. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1136288173089512/

Special thank you to Rachel Hartley from the Chemistry Society for the article.

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