Reading University Women’s Hockey Team

Being part of the Reading University Women’s Hockey Team provides you with a sense of community, since you meet many people who are welcoming and accepting. It is also a massive stress reliever outside of busy University life. They welcome all skill levels and cater to your needs to make sure you get the most out of Hockey. Everyone has the chance to play in matches and they encourage beginners to get involved in the sport, and help you to improve your hockey skills!

Both genders take part in this sport. Therefore, both genders are treated equally. At the hockey games, the whole community is there to support you.

They believe that the support and coverage for women’s equality in sports on a national level needs to be increased. If women’s sport had the same support and encouragement, it would lead to having a bigger platform and more nationwide recognition.

Hockey at Reading, is an equal sport played by an equal number of both genders since it is a shared committee. However, the team think more women should feel encouraged to join a sports club to be able to meet new people as well as to relieve some stress that is caused by their everyday life. The women’s hockey team gets a lot of support from the men’s team, who come and watch their games. Of course, the president’s support and encouragement to the entire club will never be unappreciated!

Written by Lara Qush 


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