Reading University Women’s Basketball Team On Female Empowerment

Reading University Women’s Basketball is an inclusive sport that caters to all abilities and is a supportive team. They Believe that being provided with exercise is an induced way of staying active which allows your fitness level to grow. A change in mental health for the better is noticeable in their players when playing basketball, because being part of a welcoming team can boost confidence and morale. Playing basketball is a fun activity to take part in as it creates a sense of freedom, especially when covid halted many social activities. It is guaranteed that you will always feel positive after a basketball session!

Women’s Basketball is on the face of being widely recognized. It is beginning to get the publicity it deserves; it is a new era for women’s basketball!

However, to help drive visibility in women’s sports, they believe females should be getting the same opportunities in the sport. They believe that women’s sports should be taken more seriously, and there is a national need for increased funding and for young girls to receive more encouragement to do sports such as Basketball. Increased publicity in the world of women’s basketball and women’s sports, in general, would exponentially boost the profile of women’s sport and give all teams the coverage they deserve.

Written By Lara Qush


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