We are at war, whe will it end?

NATO was discussing how to spy against the Taliban to stop drug trafficking.


You spy against the Taliban because you want to stop a terrorist attack, or to see when the leaders are away from civilians so you can kill them quickly without civilian casualties, not to stop some drugs leaving Afghanistan.

We have border security to stop drugs coming in, we have intelligence agencies to see what the enemy is up to, not to see when drugs are leaving. Who are you going to put on the front line, Opium addicts? Leave them pining for their blessed poppies so that they would lose their life to get high?

These facts were under the section marked ‘how to deal with drug problems’ and this is no good. How about we use our intelligence agencies to see the depleted Uranium the USA is using in Syria (a chemical weapon banned under international Law)? How about using our intelligence agencies to see the civilian body count in Syria and Afghanistan?

My point is that there is a lot of other things that could be happen. Drug liberalisation is an easy fix, and it could make a lot of money for the very poor Afghan Government. Unfortunately, the USA did not allow drug liberalisation. If you legalise Afghan opium, say we will pay you a fixed rate for a certain amount of it. This should be on the guarantee it is only on territory controlled by the internationally recognised Afghan Government. If we did ‘fair trade’ opium and other agricultural products, it would make people in the Taliban and other group-controlled areas more ready to revolt against their overlords.

How else do you make them revolt against their overlords?  You do propaganda warfare against them. That’s what the CIA and other intel agencies should do, not rubbish drug finding missions.

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