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The Commonwealth: Trade-talks and tiny toes…

The discussion continues in the Commonwealth on working paper 1.1.

The delegate of Namibia utilises the following quote to summarise the aims of the resolution: “when a tiny toe is hurting, the whole body scoops down to attend to it”. The protection of the smaller countries by larger nations is essential.

Delegates are almost in complete agreement of all of the clauses of the working paper 1.1 – the tensions have settled and the committee are getting ever closer to forming a resolution.

Sierra Leone expresses a need for a renewal clause – this isn’t binary, but a safety net for countries reliant on external investment. Singapore proposes a need to discuss financial markets. And, whilst New Zealand agrees with much of working paper, the delegate express a desire for more clauses in favour of LEDCs and relations BETWEEN nations.

In an unmoderated caucus, it will be interesting to see how the delegates tackle these aspects of the working paper.


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