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The Commonwealth: The time is ticking – a bilateral or umbrella trade deal?

The Commonwealth continue to discuss topic B:

“The Question of Trade opportunities and free movement for the Commonwealth post-Brexit”

The second Moderated Caucus of the day:

The way to establish trade deals that keep all nations in mind. 

The on-going debate within the committee is about whether they take an umbrella approach to trade deals, or whether they prioritise the larger, wealthier states. The smaller African countries are concerned that if the larger states are prioritised when establishing a trade deal, it will take too long and they will suffer. The smaller countries would like to have an umbrella trade deal – where all the individual smaller agreements are established in the initial stages, ensuring that they are impacted positively from the very beginning. Australia and New Zealand are very much of the view that the countries with a higher GDP should come together to establish a stable deal before concerning the smaller states. Sierra Leone have protested this view, declaring that smaller nations cannot wait this long! Singapore agrees that an umbrella deal should be put in place, one similar to the World Trade Deal.

At the conclusion of this moderated caucus, the delegates have broken into an unmoderated caucus to discuss the foundations of their working papers.


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