Modern Crisis: War Updates

Since war has started in the Korean Peninsula battles are raging in the North and South of Korea. Here is whats happened so far.

With Joe Biden now President of the United States war has since been officially declared and battles are now taking place in the Korean peninsula. Troops have been moving around for to gain the best strategic advantages. 500,000 Chinese troops, heavily armed with tanks and fighter aircraft have entered North Korea in an attempt to stop the coup. It appears a coup has been over taken by another coup.

There was then a shocking double explosion in Seoul, the South Korean Capital, shacking the South Korean government offices. The offices then were engulfed with flames. The South Korean and US President are safe.

South Korean military reciprocated by moving their troops into North Korea. 275,000 South Korean Troops with tanks and heavy artillery then marched into the DPRK. This means that South Korea invaded The Democratic Peoples Republic. The first battle of the Korean Peninsula war causes many casualties. The South Korean troops were meat with an unorganized North Korean military whose main tactic was that of guerrilla warfare.

Casualties after this invasion stand at: 200,000 South Koreans killed with 75,000 Captured (mostly injured) 25,000 North Koreans dead and 25,000 injured.

Bob Gates the US Secretary of Defence bombed North Korean ships, these exploded on impact blocking the reserves into North Korea. There were no survivors on the ship.

B1 Bombers have since been shot down over Pyongyang by Japanese air forces.

10,000 South Korean Marines have stormed Nampo and they are currently holding it despite being met by force resistance. North Korean rebels are trying to strategically bomb Nampo to gain control of the region, South Korea continue to maintain the power.

The situation is escalating and expected to worsen.

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